Innovation- Granio+® MENOPAUSE
Your safe breath of coolness !

Granio+® MENOPAUSE is a patented formula which efficiently and safely associates two active ingredients involved in the reduction of hot flushes :

-Sesamin, lignan of sesame

-8-Prényl Naringenin, extracted from polyphenol by Lifenol® (Houblon extract), whose effectiveness has been proved by a clinical study1, therefore :

4 times less hot flushes !

Granio+®  MENOPAUSE is a unique formula, hormone free, and Soja-isoflavone free.

Finally a breath of coolness !

One capsule a day, on the morning before taking breakfast with a big glass of water.

1 Arne Heyerick et al - Randomized double blind, placebo-controlled clinical study,


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