The choice of prenylflavonoïds

In order to guarantee a premium extract, Lifenol® is rich in prenylflavonoïds.

There are several reasons behind this choice, based on in-depth studies of scientific literature and the skills of Naturex in developing active ingredients.

Since this involves active compounds with a phytoestrogenic activity, prenylflavonoids represent real quality tracers for extracts obtained from hops.

To ensure the constant quality of its products, the HPLC method (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) is used to control dosage of active ingredients. This method is reliable, recognised and precise.

The estrogenic activity of prenylflavonoids is widely recognised today throughout the scientific community. This exceptional activity is responsible for physiological properties, enhanced by many health products. We can cite as an example the reduction of hot flashes and the discomfort they cause.

To be effective, Lifenol® must be assimilated by the body after ingestion. Studies have scientifically demonstrated the good absorption of Lifenol®'s active ingredients, and therefore its bioavailability.

Finally, one of the obvious selection criteria for any raw material. A study of the scientific literature shows that not one case of toxicity has been observed to date concerning extracts from hops.

On the basis of the elements cited above, Naturex has developed Lifenol®, a standardized hop extract rich in prenylflavonoids, thus guaranteeing:

  • - Action against hot flashes thanks to its phytoestrogens
  • - Bioavailability, a fundamental criterion guaranteeing effectiveness after ingestion
  • - Analytical facilities in detection and quantification of the product's active molecules, which can serve as quality tracers for the extract
  • - Innocuity of the extract and its active ingredients.